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London Pest Controller

Eradication, Information and Prevention


Geoff Cox - Pest Control Specialist

Geoff Cox

I’m a qualified, accredited pest controller, serving London and the surrounding areas. When it comes to pests, I really have seen and dealt with them all, including working within prestigious Royal Households, Military Establishments and high-profile businesses.

Eradicating pests is not just about chemicals and equipment, although of course I use all the latest and highest quality tools available. But it’s about detection and prevention, because you need to know what pest you’re dealing with (it’s not always immediately obvious), but what is obvious, is that you don’t want them coming back.

So armed with my extensive knowledge, I can analyse droppings, marks, smells and damage around your home or premises and deal with the problem. Then, I’ll comb the building to identifying access points and advise on the best way to proof and protect. 

Send those pests packing!